The Vision

IPANs vision is to build a strong network of professionals across the country that can cater to the needs of the people who basically look for an accurate and correct decision when it comes to making an investment in property.

The main focus of our company is to:

- Build a team of professionally trained Property Advisors specialising in Indian Properties
- Inform and motivate people to invest in properties and advise them to start early investment for better results
- Help and assist them in better investment property decision making
- Attract property requirements in the form of leads from the property advisors and serve them professionally
- Streamline and expedite sales process of primary builder’s properties and help handle the secondary transactions through vast spread Advisor Network and Real Estate agents.

In short the business model of IPAN is centred as a property advisory network which empowers the professional group by providing the most comprehensive real estate information and by offering the unbiased advice along with moving in the transition process.


IPAN-Pro is a division of IPAN, that has been launched to professionalize its property advisors. The division consists of trainers specializing in sales and real estate industry practices.

IPAN-Pro offers real estate education and training skills, leading to deeper knowledge of the real estate industry among its advisors. The training includes practical as well as theoretical training thereby help advisors gain in depth knowledge of the industry and lead them provide better services to their clients.

The Indian real estate industry is robust today with a size of more than $45 billion, it is growing at a rate of about 33% CAGR. Real Estate is not only one of the most lucrative industries but with an increasing number of Corporate Developers, Organized brokers, International Property Consultants, Real Estate funds, FDIs etc, the real estate industry is continuously heading towards increased professionalization and organization. A professional real estate advisors network specializing in Indian properties has become the need of the day today.

India Property Industry- Today

Real Estate happens to be a fastest growing sector of Indian economy, the sector has been offering tremendous growth avenue. Real Estate advisors happens to be an integral and probably the most important link in the real estate sector.
Real Estate segment is an ever growing sector not only to established builders and developers but also to the brokers or advisors. Despite being the major engine of the business growth, real estate sector and especially the real estate brokerage business vertical, has been unable to harness its true potential due to an acute paucity of trained and skilled manpower, to dexterously manage diverse aspect of real estate operations.

Pioneering the novel concept of educating the vast manpower of real estate business, to standardize the industry practices and uplift the industry benchmarks IPAN is committed to improve the quality as well as quantity of skilled manpower supply to this highly profitable sector. Real Estate, a sector poised for the fast paced growth in the coming decade, a sector contributing to 5% of the GDP of the economy and a sector witnessing phenomenal CAGR of 30%.

It is perhaps the best time for both fresh and experienced talent to build lucrative careers in the real estate industry. Through our trained professional India Property Advisors equipped with the best of technology to support them, our aim is to create a professional and trusted bridge between our advisors and their customers.