• What is an IPAN?   IPAN stands for India Property Advisory Network which comprises of individuals from varied professional backgrounds acting as real estate service providers. An IPAN acts as a guiding help between the advisors and their acquaintances to understand the investment decision making before actually going up with the final decision.
• What is an IPA? IPA stands for India Property Advisor and to become an IPA one has to go for a special training programme in Real Estate and Investment planning. The main aim of an IPA is to get trained in property advisory and specialize in all forms of Indian properties and help customers with proper decision making in investment portfolio and help people to go for more and more investment plans in real estate. An IPA also handles secondary transactions through vast spread Advisor Network and Real Estate agents.
• Who can be an IPA To become an IPA, one has to first register and get the necessary training in Real Estate industry and has to then go for a exam, upon completing the course he become a certified IPA. Any individual or professional person including Doctor, Engineer, etc. can go for the course and become an IPA.

• What is the future of an IPA? On becoming an IPA, he or she will have the access to underwritten builder projects across Pan India. Also, an IPA will have the privilege to sponsor other IPAs and build his/her own network. All this will help an IPA to generate a higher cumulative turnover and earn overriding incentives on business generated by your team of IPAs
• Who is an ideal IPA? An ideal IPA is the one who is specially trained in all forms of investment portfolio and opportunities and have a special knowledge in consumer behaviour and also has the best of knowledge in product diversification. The main aim of an ideal IPA is to get involve in sales for properties of higher values and provide the accurate substance to the needs of the customers.