About Us

IPAN which stands for ‘India Property Advisory Network’ is an ever growing network of Advisory committee which comprises of people from different professional backgrounds trained in real estate. This is a total new concept which is based on an important element of ‘Needs’, which is simply the sources for all business spectrums. The main aim of IPAN is to extend its reach to the customers across the nation through its widespread network of Property Advisors and Real Estate Agents.

IPANs vision is to build a strong network of professionals across the country that can cater to the needs of the people who basically look for an accurate and correct decision when it comes to making an investment in property.

Our philosophy is to hold a strong trust factor that can initiate people to move in right direction and take accurate investment decision. Through IPAN, we at our company believe in living to the expectation of the people thereby maintaining the Truth element in the business.

The main focus of our company is to:

  • Build a team of professionally trained Property Advisors specialising in Indian Properties
  • Inform and motivate people to invest in properties and advise them to start early investment for better results
  • Help and assist them in better investment property decision making
  • Attract property requirements in the form of leads from the property advisors and serve them professionally
  • Streamline and expedite sales process of primary builder’s properties and help handle the secondary transactions through vast spread Advisor Network and Real Estate agents.

In short the business model of IPAN is centred as a property advisory network which empowers the professional group by providing the most comprehensive real estate information and by offering the unbiased advice along with moving in the transition process.